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Created on 25 July 2017

Again in Japan - Partnerships on the horizon.

ITware has been to Japan again to expand its customer base and to demonstrate the reputation of the Hungarian software development with new solutions. The aim of the trip was to prepare the market entry of FLEETWARE Vehicle Tracking Service in Japan. The most important task was to find the right partner for launching the Japanese FLEETware service based on our successful Japanese pilot.


Created on 05 July 2017

New Telecommunication Project - Gone Live!

ITware is proud to announce one of the biggest telecommunication service’s online project, was developed with our experts, and as a result of the hard work, long days & months , it went live with success last month!


Created on 30 May 2017

Development of Multimedia Applications @ ITware

In today’s modern society, the use of multimedia surrounds us everywhere. The role of multimedia in our everyday life has incredible importance, as it is anything and everything that you watch and listen in the form of video, audio, text, sound, graphics, photographs, and much more. The incredible advances and breakthroughs in technology during the past decade has resulted in vast opportunities to utilize and incorporate multimedia in IT, as well as an increased amount of pressure to do so.


Created on 05 April 2017

E-Book Publisher Case Study

As part of a greenfield project, developing an online publication management framework, that includes Converting, Content management, Purchasing and Display modules.