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AGENTware - Breaking the boundaries of business

AGENTware is a perfect solution to support on-site sales. It makes it easy for your agents to introduce your products and services in a visual and interactive way by using a smartphone or tablet. AGENTware speeds up the whole sales process – from assessing the needs, through giving an offer, to signing the contract – helping to reach conclusion already at the first encounter with the client.


Kojimori - Sensor data collector

Kojimori is an innovative, cloud-based automated data acquisition (DAQ) system. Its main service is to store and display the data collected by the different types and located measurement instruments and sensors. The system developed by ITware provides a reliable solution to various areas – including the agriculture, food industry, tourism – where the environmental factors, like temperature, humidity, oxygen content, etc., affect the activities. The system collects and systematizes the measured values collected by the various sensors and makes the data available in a desired format to each customers and users. It provides all these with a very cost-effective and highly reliable way since Kojimori meets the highest standards and requirements of these industries. Kojimori is a solution that combines the respectable expertise of ITware with the Japanese precision and process approach.


Web Self Care - Self-service web portal

Obtain and keep clients with a self-service web portal. With the help of Web Self Care you can simplify your customer service procedures while relieving your colleagues and granting your clients an online customer service option.


NG-BOSS - CRM and Billing system

Today's CRM and billing systems over time became gigantic and complicated which makes them extremely difficult and expensive to use. Ideally they are able to serve the changing user requirements, but their operation and support need excessive resources from telecommunications companies when the industry's profitability is continually sagging.


MOTIware - Social mobile TV

ITware's product breaks down the boundaries of ordinary television by adding community functions and offering a customized electronic service guide on user-focused, ergonomic surfaces on your mobile phone.


FLEETware - Fleet management

Regardless of whether you want to make money by offering a fleet tracking service to your clients or save costs by monitoring the position of your company vehicles Fleetware is the perfect solution for You!


APPaware - Smartphone App Editor


APPaware - Create your own Apps without coding!

APPaware is a web-based SmartPhone App Editor that lets you to create your own mobile App Yourself. You do not need any coding knowledge, just drag and drop the elements. It's as easy as making a presentation.

APPaware – Create simple but powerful apps for your business!