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 This year ITware shows the world again what it's got


MWC 2014 Barcelona - Mobile World CongressMWC 2014 Barcelona - Mobile World Congress

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona held at the end of February, ITware will prove to the professional public why the company is chosen by international corporations throughout the world when it comes to software developing. ITware focuses this year mainly on mobile operators and telecommunications companies and it offers them unique and innovative software solutions but their novelties can count on the interests of content providers and the corporate sector.


This year ITware shows the world again what it's got


If you have some time, please visit us at the Stand: 7G50 where you can learn more about our brand new application

APPaware - mobile APP in 15 minutes

as well as our M2M and B2C mobile solutions.

The profession can also encounter NG-BOSS next generation billing and operation support system for the first time which covers the entire telecommunications billing processes. ITware unites its over a decade-long experience gained in building robust billing systems in this prospective application. The software provides a plausible solution for the billing-related problems of customers with a large number of call records since it can be easily tailored and handles the discount systems of telecommunications companies flexibly.

Beside these two novelties, the visitors can get to know the already successfully applied AGENTware smart sales manager application with the help of which the whole contracting process can be managed via smartphones and tablets, regardless of the location of the sales executive. Thanks to this revenue-raising system, salesmen can bid farewell to paper work and hours spent with administration, instead they receive an elegant and flexible sales management tool.

This year it is Barcelona again that will host the Mobile World Congress between 24th and 27th 2014 where 70,000 visitors are expected from all over the world.







ITware kindly invites you to the Mobile World Congress exhibition, the world’s foremost tradeshow for the telecommunication industry organized in Barcelona.


Between 24 and 27 February our company will participate as an exhibitor.

Visit us at booth 7G50 to learn more about our brand new applications and mobile solutions:




MOTIware – A social mobile television application and platform that breaks down boundaries.

Users can watch their preferred programs on an attractive and ergonomic user interface on their mobile devices, and through the social functions they can connect and share the experience with friends.
MOTIware brings social mobile television into existence.

AGENTware – the smartest sales tool.

Speed up your sales process by reducing paperwork and administration! AGENTware is an innovative, long-awaited application that multiplies the efficiency of your sales team. By using this powerful app, the whole process of contracting – from negotiation to signing – can be conducted on your customers’ doorstep using a smartphone or a tablet.
AGENTware provides sales representatives with real-time office connection, no matter where they are.

EVENTware – the multimedia event guide.

A smart and interactive solution uniting the power of social networks and program guides. On its spectacular and customizable user interface, EVENTware offers thousands of events at the same time:  concerts, television, cinema among others, while connecting people with their friends. EVENTware entertains, informs, builds relationships and facilitates everyday use.
EVENTware is a brand new business opportunity, an all-in-one leisure magazine, ticket office and invitation card at your service!

NG-BOSS – the nextgen billing system.

A solution heading towards the future, covering the whole telecommunication billing process, while reducing total cost of ownership. NG-BOSS is able to create paper-based and electronic invoices fulfilling the requirements of even the most diverse discount systems and pricing plans. NG-BOSS realizes a freely configurable invoicing logic, combines the advantages of process-driven and event-driven billing systems, utilizes a swift, multi-threading technology, and conforms to all EU laws and regulations.
NG-BOSS is the perfect billing solution for telecommunications companies!

KOJIMORI – providing precious data on the run.

An innovative, cloud-based remote data collection system, which makes valuable data, collected from different types of measuring devices at different remote locations, accessible anywhere. Already supporting more than 20 types of measuring instruments, Kojimori sends intelligent, continuous and event-triggered reports to the user. The results can be accessed through a user friendly web based interface or through emails to your mailbox.
Kojimori has already proven itself on the high-tech Japanese market, now it is waiting for You explore!


Key highlights for 2014:

  • APPaware app creator
  • MOTIware mobile services
  • MOTIware social mobile TV for iPhone and Android
  • AGENTware smart sales manager application
  • EVENTware interactive mobile program guide application
  • NG-BOSS next generation billing and operation support system
  • KOJIMORI cloud based gauge device monitoring system



In case you wish to meet us, please contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or by phone: +36 (1) 463 0620.

We’ll provide you with an appointment and with a small surprise in our booth.