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Artificial Intelligence software - ANITA

ANITA is an AI assistant who could be your new colleague

The digitization of back office work will be one of the main sources of competitive advantage for the next 10-20 years.
In the near future, we can expect that the administrative work phases will become more and more digital, such as filing, categorizing, and finding search keywords. Machines or highly efficient AI assistants are not only able to perform these tasks, but even perform them more reliably and faster than humans.
ANITA is suitable for facilitating, partially or completely replacing the document-based tasks of a corporate administrative employee.
Of course, supporting creative activities as well as the work of AI remains a strength of human resources.

The tasks of a corporate assistant

A.N.I.T.A. processing between 20,000 and 30,000 documents per day, but is also capable of multiplying this. It continuously learning new skills in addition to the reading and comprehension functions so far, visual, image processing.
  • 1
    Receiving a document

    Mostly in written and scanned format (but also images, sounds and videos)

  • 2
    Document processing

    - Extracting content
    - Language recognition
    - Translation
    - Categorization
    - Prioritization
    - Highlight

  • 3
    Continuous optimization

    -Continuous learning

Named Entity Recognition

A.N.I.T.A. can extract the keywords that are important for some reason from a sentence or document according to two different principles, these are collectively called entities.
If the customer can determine and collect in a list which words and phrases are important to him, A.N.I.T.A. will find them without exception, select them in the given text, document.
If the terms cannot be listed because they are constantly changing as you work or are infinitely possible, such as addresses, names of organizations, persons, locations or difficult-to-define terms such as “notifier”, “person concerned”, etc. In this case You can use A.N.I.T.A.’s artificial intelligence, which based of the patterns given to it, and also recognizes these types of expressions, which are difficult to describe at a good rate.
entity extraction with AI


Automatic classification of documents into specific categories (classes) based on the content of their sentences.
The most commonly used ability of A.N.I.T.A.’s workflow management is to categorize documents. Based on samples of the large amount of written material received, he learns which documents fall into what categories in the given organization and is able to label them along them and direct them to the appropriate processes for workflows, other software or human colleagues.
Category can be anything from A.N.I.T.A. for what the customer specifies. A document can be linked to more than one at a time, which can express the type, topic, nature of the document, such as invoice, complaint, interest, contract, or case type, type of areas involved, and so on.

Transformation of work processes

AI eliminates previous workflows, but also creates new ones. Companies need to restructure their internal processes to increase efficiency.
Employee supported by AI

Witness AI in Action, Try it!

Translating with AI

It can recognize almost 100 languages and translate general text from English to Hungarian.

Entity recognition
Entity recognition

Entity recognition can select persons, organizations and locations from any text (in Hungarian).

classification with AI

During the categorization, we present the classification of index.hu articles into automatic columns.

Technical Specifications

A.N.I.T.A.’s one of biggest technical advantages is that, unlike most market solutions, it does not require you to use cloud services during its operation. Any customer can install A.N.I.T.A. in their own environment and can meet the highest security conditions. The customer can also operate in his own cloud, but under even stricter conditions, all its functions are completely available at the processing site, completely disconnected from the World Wide Web. Complete and impeccable security and confidentiality are guaranteed not only by contractual terms but also by the physical structure of the system.
The modular structure and architecture of the entire system is scalable, so the speed experienced by actual users is fundamentally limited by the physical infrastructure. A.N.I.T.A.’ processing and execution performance is highly dependent on the number and complexity of capabilities that a particular customer wants to cover.
A.N.I.T.A. can run successfully on traditional enterprise servers, but achieves really high performance for running artificial intelligence in an optimal GPU environment. Based on our installations so far, processing 20-30,000 documents a day is a common practice.
The digitization of back office work is significantly changing the quality of administrative work and the resource needs of its people.

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    The research and development is carried out entirely by Stratis Kft in Hungary and with technologies similar to global companies such as Google.
    Itware Kft. works as a reseller and development partner with Stratis.

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