ITware is not only an acknowledged IT company almost 20 years, but also a family full of talented experts, which helps companies with innovative solutions!

Establish 2001.

Successful IT company almost 20 years

Satisfied Clients

Build long-term partnerships with our customers


We never stop learning and improving


We think and act boldly, We do what is right

Global presence

Japan, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain

Our revenues over 1 billion HUF

20% comes from exports mainly from Japan

What do we want to be remembered for?

We support your innovative efforts and are also partners in introducing new technologies. Our attention to detail and quality is unparalleled in the industry, hence our slogan: Japanese Perfection, Hungarian Creativity.

Who are we?

We have been holding our hands on the IT market almost 20 years and we are responding to all its drums with development and a change of attitude. Our journey led from the field of telecommunications to mobile developments, and then through the banking, finance, industry and logistics sectors to the most dynamically developing technology of IT development, machine learning. We are especially proud of more than 13-year cooperation in Japan, and we ensure the excellent quality expected there in Hungary as well.


Sandor Dankó


Károly Hajdu


In 2001 Sandor Dankó and Karoly Hajdu, two electrical engineers and friends who shared a dream for entrepreneurship, founded ITware Ltd. We came such a long way and so much has happened in the past two decades. From then until now, many people, projects, challenges, and achievements have all become part of our story.


Papanek Erzsébet ITware

Erzsébet Papanek


Nándor Nagybalyi


Anett Róth

HR Manager

Attila Biró



ITware kollégák


ITware based on Hungary, Budapest and has a strong global presence. Our clients all have one thing in common - a truly great idea but not enough time, talent, or team support to bring it to life.

Hungary (20+ years)

Japan (13+ years)

Finland, USA, Luxembourg

Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Taiwan

Deliver Reliable & Quality Software Development Services

Our Core Values

We strongly believe that software should solve a problem, not create new ones. Our values were marked by the pursuit of quality and a homely company, based on direct communication. We would like the 19 years old ITware to keep these values as a base for the next 19 years.

We believe in building lasting relationships

It’s a simple philosophy we’ve followed for almost 20 years. And it delivers results. Our development team can effectively cooperate with our customers even thousands of km away. If you have the vision for a stunning digital experiencere, you can always count on our expert technical chops, our responsiveness, and our commitment to your project.
We are especially proud of more than 13-year cooperation in Japan, and we ensure the excellent quality expected there in Hungary as well.
Our trademark: Japanese perfeciton with Hungarian creativity.
Our company attaches great importance to supporting and nurturing young talent and bringing the world of IT to those who would otherwise be inaccessible.
One of our donation servers will help the IT rooms of the XXII. district grammar school.
We are proud to announce that we have won 27th place in the Top52 list of the most successful ICT companies!
The result also reveals how much our environment is identified with the values of our company and the message we represent.
We joined the AI Coalition because our strategic goal is to develop AI-based systems and services that help companies become competitive and increase their efficiency.
The aim of the AI Coalition is to bring Hungary at the forefront of AI developments and applications in Europe.
We have been participating in Japan IT Week for years, showcasing the latest IT products, technological innovations and innovative solutions.
Our company has set a goal to double its revenue from Japan.

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