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Kojimori :: Sensor data collector

Kojimori is an innovative, cloud-based automated data acquisition (DAQ) system. Its main service is to store and display the data collected by the different types and located measurement instruments and sensors. The system developed by ITware provides a reliable solution to various areas – including the agriculture, food industry, tourism – where the environmental factors, […]

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Test Automation for Documentation System In this test automation project, we support the connection of quality criteria for successful completion and prepare for the browser disinfection project. The aim of our mandate is to test the leading document management system in Hungary, to create smoke and narrower regression tests for specific processes. Our Solution: Configuring [...]
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ÁVDH Eletronic Signature Interface

DMS One Zrt. Has asked our company to develop an electronic signature interface for ÁVDH’s existing document management system. The object of the task is to implement a document authentication service that is recaptured by the authentication system by generating the document, identifying the author of the document, passing the data to the service, providing […]

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Software Development Our developers have participated in the Chinese Mobile Parking project of I-Cell Mobilszoft Zrt. The Mobile Payment Platform, also can be used to manage street parking spaces, was constructed in August 2017 in China (Yangzhong City, Jiangsu province). The platform is used to initiate and pay street parking. A new function, implemented on [...]
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ITware participated in the development of an online publishing framework for Xpertsys Ltd.'s partner and customer. In the course of the project, we created a separate Converter module, Content Manager module and Visualisation module based on the customer’s requirements. We've created a single browser-based solution for each platform, saving time for the development of mobile [...]
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