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Magyar Telekom MDM

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and related Customer Service Console (CSC) Intranet and Self-Service Console (SSC) web interfaces provide customer service and residential associates with device-management services through self-service interfaces. The new ALU-MDM system entailed the need to update and integrate existing CSC and SSC consoles with the new mobile device management system. ITware prepares CSC […]

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NG-BOSS :: CRM and Billing System

The new CRM and billing system (NG-BOSS) developed by ITware intends to integrate the domestic and international industry trends and standards fully all along with keeping in mind the expected future business and regulatory changes. too complicated systems with too many parts need of manual intervention into the processes inconsistent data management slow and circumstantial […]

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Magyar Telekom :: Microservice Infrastructure

ITware supports the development processes of Magyar Telekom’s new virtualised development infrastructure. Containerisation also poses challenges for the operation because the log files produced by the applications are difficult to access due to the separation provided by the containers, and the processes overlapping the applications are difficult to follow. Therefore, our proposal consisted in the […]

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Smart Home Project

ITware’s team supported the preliminary testing of the planned new service of Magyar Telekom, the development of the application and the simulation of its load-ability. The “Smart Home” solution allows remote control of various electric devices in the household. For example temperature setting, moving shutters, controlling multimedia devices, alarm system management etc. Our proposal included […]

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In 2010, Magyar Telekom started a large-scale IT transformation. The “Pillangó” Project in 2010-2013 was one of the largest IT projects in Central-Europe, aiming to consolidate billing and CRM systems used by the company. ITware, as one of Telekom’s most important billing and CRM developers, is one of the 5 largest home delivery companies involved […]

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