Test Automation for Documentation System

In this test automation project, we support the connection of quality criteria for successful completion and prepare for the browser disinfection project. The aim of our mandate is to test the leading document management system in Hungary, to create smoke and narrower regression tests for specific processes.

Our Solution: Configuring the framework and automatic running environment for the customer, dedicate a testing team for writing both manual and automated tests using agile methodology.

Results: To meet the maximum customer demand in short iterations, so that the soonest working solution reaches the customer’s hands. Exceeding the original agreement with 50% within the remaining financial resources.

ÁVHD Eletronic Signature Interface Development

DMS One Zrt. Has asked our company to develop an electronic signature interface for ÁVHD’s existing document management system.

The object of the task is to implement a document authentication service that is recaptured by the authentication system by generating the document, identifying the author of the document, passing the data to the service, providing a clause for the assignment of the author, with a key associated with the system. The AVDH proxy places a REST interface in front of SOAP interface. The existing SOAP interface has been given, the REST interface is designed accordingly and concerning customer requirements.

Tech Stack: SOAP, CXF, REST, Java, Tomcat, SWAGGER, OpenSSL, Maven, Jersey, Junit



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