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Software development is a never-ending process these days, where the existing code changes continuously from day to day. However, the changes need to be tested without interruption, since the malfunction may occur again and again in the most unexpected, or even well-functioning code snippets. And who would not become tired of testing the same functions of the same web pages, several hours every day, for months?

Selenium automated testing is a professional solution for this problem, and we are constantly using it in our development for our content provider partner. It is a great advantage that if the code base is changed, the pre-written test cases are run automatically – say in the night hours – they are able to test the entire application completely, eliminating the human error and burn factor, and keeping the developer team informed of the details.

The use of simultaneously executable and re-playable tests in addition to saving time and money in the field of quality assurance also represents a major step forward.

Tech Stack: Oracle ATG, Oracle DB, Spring Webflow

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