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ITware with JETRO Budapest (Japan External Trade Organization) organize a DX focused webinar for the Japanese companies here in Hungary. With the webinar, we’d be happy to help the Japanese companies in Hungary to share their experiences and thoughts about this crucial topic of digitization.
This webinar shows never-before seen DX experiences from Japanese companies’ leaders who will give you inspiration and endless possibilities.
Being present on the Japanese market we understanding how important is the report of “Overcoming of ‘2025 Digital Cliff’ ” for Japan. 
What you’ll learn in this webinar*
  • 11 technology shifts affecting the world of business
  • Insights on how this immersion into the world of tech will help you address critical current business challenges
  • All your related questions answered
We will show you how can technology greatly increase Japanese organization’s success in Hungary!

*The language of the webinar is English.


In this 60-minute webinar you'll discover: What digital transformation is and what it means to your organization:
Akiko OKUMURA Jetro


General Manager at JETRO

Zsolt Ormandy

Consultant at JETRO

Fehér Róbert ITware DX

Róbert Fehér

Senior Sales Manager at ITware

Masahiro Tanaka

Founder and Head of Product Management at Monaca, Founder and CEO at Asial

Töttösi Ákos TCT Group - ITware webinar

Ákos Töttösi

Director of 3D Steelprint division at TCT Group


It is a first virtual webinar for Japanese companies in Hungary show on Digital Transformation & AI. Attend the live presentation to learn how to:

09:00 AM

Gatering and Welcome

by Zsolt Ormandy (JETRO Budapest)

Since Jetro foundation, we have promoted Japanese-Hungarian mutual business exchange activities. Technology is one of the quickest and best ways to take your business to the next level. 

09:05 AM

The What, Why and How of Digital Transformation

by Róbert Feher (ITware)

9 Case studies help you better understand what these technologies are capable of, we are going to highlight what a few different companies are doing to change business as we know it.

9:30 AM

Helping DX success by technology & craftsmanship

by Masahiro Tanaka (Asial Corporation)

In this speech, Masa Tanaka (CEO, Asial Japan & Asial Hungary) will describe how Asial has been helping client’s digital transformation and lead to a success.Tokyo based development agency, Asial Corporation, has been dedicated on system development for Japanese enterprises since its foundation in 2002. With an increasing number of DX consultation requests, Asial has opened its first European subsidiary in Budapest and started operation since September 2020. 

9:45 AM

Outstanding opportunities for 3D metal printing for the industry

by Ákos Töttösi (director of 3DSteelprint divison at TCT Group)

3D metal printing technology offers outstanding opportunities to enable a different theoretical and practical design approach than the traditional production and processing facilities in the production of tools and spare parts.

10:00 AM

QA with our experts and presenters

Do you know how to begin a digital trans­formation for your organization?

10:30 AM

Closing Thoughts

by OKUMURA Akiko ( JETRO Budapest)

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Digital Transformation – How to do that in Hungary?

We are driven by the idea of opening up this technical world and make it widely accessible. To achieve this goal we are bringing speakers from various industry with different experiences and backgrounds.
The topic will be various case studies of Digital Transformation (DX) &Artificial Intelligence from different industries. You’ll learn how DX can help you improve your business, product quality and reduce lots of cost and administration.
We will have 3 amazing speakers and the opportunity to network and continue to build our community.


We are going to bring you the A-listers of the game

We're honoured to have amazing different industry experts Masahiro Tanaka from ASIAL Corporation, Akos Tottosi from TCT Group, Gábor Budaházy Chief Data Scientist, Róbert Fehér as presenters or facilitators!

Professional community building - from your home!

You will have the chance to meet all the important figures of Japanese company in the Hungary region.

Real Case-Studies gain newfound inspiration

You will have the opportunity to take part in once-in-a-lifetime lectures, smouldering debates about all the hot topics, backstage conversations, questions in person.

The experience virtually, but it is the same essence of it

You will get to know the most innovative techniques and ideas - all as a part of an online conference.

Sign up for the Digital Transformation webinar that you cannot afford to miss. Register here and mark your calendar for Thursday, October 22nd at 9:00 AM.

Want to take your skills to the next level?

We invite everybody to an exchange of knowledge and offer an open environment for people to connect, find inspiration and imagination. We are shaping a community of exceptional personalities that has the sheer potential to push the limits beyond imaginable achievement.
The target audience are those innovative corporate executives and professionals who want to make the most efficient business decisions with digital techniques. If you are one of them, we will show you how to overtake your competitors with a new way of thinking and effective tools.

Frequently asked questions

DX webinar takes place along with several different areas with which the synergies are total, such as industry, robotics, or logistics, and in it, you will find solutions and applications for each and every one of these sectors.

How do I participate in a webinar?

  1. Register to the webinar at the bottom of the page.
  2. After a registration we will send you all the Zoom meeting details.
  3. We recommend to Save the date with “Add to Calendar” button. The button link to “Add to Outlook/Gmail or ”. This creates an appointment in your calendar, saving the link in the body of the appointment. You can then simply open the appointment on the day and click the link to join the webinar.
  4. You can join a meeting by clicking the meeting link or going to and entering in the meeting ID.
  5. Make sure you have the joining link available.
  6. If you have any problems logging in try exiting and re log back in.

How do I ask questions of presenters during a webinar?

You can ask questions by typing into the Q & A box during the webinar. Simply type into the box and click SEND. If appropriate the presenter will answer questions during breaks verbally so everyone gets the answer, or the organiser may send you a private answer.

What is the cost to attend a webinar?

This Digital Transformation  webinar is free!

Will there be any handouts or other material available from the webinar?

This will be determined by the presenter of each webinar. The presentation is recorded and the recording is sent to the participants.

How do I invite others to join my meeting?

You can invite others to join your meeting by copying the join URL or meeting invitation and sending it out via email.

What equipment do I need to view a webinar?

You can join with your computer or your mobile phone with internet connection.


Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, marketing-, financial-, industry professional, this webinar can show you those technology solutions which are the ultimate in giving your business unmatched growth.

    The language of the webinar is English.
    By registering on webinar, you agree to the use of your personal data in accordance with our privacy statement.
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    Event is supported by easily recognizable companies and you can learn from them. We believe in creating an open and transparent conversation about Digital Transformation techniques. We are driven by the idea of opening up this technical world and make it widely accessible.

    Want to take your skills to the next level? We’re here to help.

    More than just development, we’ll help you transform your business!

    Our history in Japan

    Our technical expertise coupled with our mission to help Japanese companies transform the way they do business.

    Our slogan: Hungarian creativity with Japanese perfection!


    First M2M pilot project

    Pilot project for Japanese market


    Colaboration modell


    Small M2M specific pilot projects


    ITC Exhibition in Japan

    EU Gateway Programme, Shinjuku, Tokyo


    Kojimori Development

    start of M2M Software development project


    Mobile Apps and Conferences

    iOS, Android softwares for different sectors and conferences in Tokyo and Singapore


    Management training and new customer

    New Customer from Entertainment Industry to provide B2C applications


    Strategic Partneships, HRTP and HealthCare

    Vital Radar Sensor research project, HRTP programme, Representative office in Tokyo


    FLEETware and Sport field app development

    Fleetware locatization and Action Recorder Solution for Sport Sector


    Sunbears Cloud Service, M2M/IoT apps and development

    SunBears, FXware, KOJIMORI 3G Dev, Realtime Action Recorder, Interactive Stone Catalog


    10 years in Japan

    New strategic partnership with future tech projects (LinkRay, Blockchain, Cybersecurity), SunBears Cloud Campus


    2 days long ICT Seminar in Tokyo


    Dedicated DevTeams for Japanese market


    Year of AI Developments

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