Get your child’s attention while you develop their skills

Getting your child interested in computer programming is a great way of giving them a head start in the 21st-century workplace.

An early interest in computer programming can pave the way to study in computer science and possibly even a programing career. Our colleague Attila Biró summarised how many free ways children can try programming. It’s a really exciting profession contrary to popular belief, full of creativity that also develops your child’s intelligence.

Please find some great tools to support the next generation to love IT and maybe later the programming. This collection will put the methods before the problem, planning before implementation, thinking before implementing. Before you go rushing out to learn to coding, let’s teach first structured thinking. Let’s just don’t celebrate the creation of code, but celebrate the creation of solutions and variety of solution design.

Suggestions (with proposed minimum age)

  • ScratchJr (Android) (5+) :: really easy stuff for small ones
  • Lightbot (6+): cute algorithm, solving apps from beginner to advanced level
  • Kodu Gamelab (6+): 3D game-maker program for kids with pictograms
  • Mekorama (7+): logic/puzzle game with +level building opportunity
  • Scratch (8+): Let’s play and learn together
  • GetHopScotch (8+): ideas through games, apps, animations
  • Tynker (10+): Real coding solution
  • Appinventor (12+): drag and drop coding and layout building for android
  • Code Combat (12+): game for learning programming
  • Code School (14+): real coding, different languages

Advanced tools

  • Yoyo Games (14+): Complex game maker program
  • Construct (14+): Complex game maker program
  • Stencyl (14+): Complex game maker program
  • Godot Engine (14+): making your game without reinventing the wheel
  • HackerRank (+14): programming challenges in different programming languages

Other useful websites, tools and tech gadgets

  • (6+): Basic tools for beginners
  • Blockly (10+): Google library with drag and drop coding interface.

Have fun, enjoy tech cooking!


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