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ITware is involved into a great R+D project which expect to have a measurable impact to EU market and not only. The Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) iGame project investigates evidence based gamification techniques for eHealth and mHealth. It will develop an ICT platform to improve the efficacy of gamified mobile apps for health intervention. The project is targing the development of game production techniques for gamified mobile apps by using techniques such gamification, IoT and web technologies. ITware will work on Developing Gamfication Toolkits and will deliver Gamification toolkits and Game prototype.

iGame, the innovative and advanced game development technology for cost effective eHealth gamification

The Consortium of seven partners (Bournemouth UniversityMalaga UniversityServicio Andaluz de SaludArthausPromotion SoftwareSensor IDITware) from six European countries (UK, ES, MK, DE, IT, HU) has as objective to research and develop Gamification Toolkits (game design methods and tools), to research the evaluation methodologies (eg. study protocol, stage of change guidance, validated constructors, dependent measures) and to provide a New ICT Platform (Web interface, digital social space, personalized intervention library, data process and mining) to aid the development process for eHealth products. The platform will be used by stakeholders in eHealth and mHealth sector (digital game developers, health professionals and researchers, end users, and policy makers).

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ITware will work on iGame together with Arthaus development team to implement specific game solutions based on the active ingredients of gamification engine. The gamification toolkits comprises a set of practical gamification techniques through an iterative implementation and evaluation process. Game design guidance for game developers, game mechanics for health practitioners, behavior change psychologists and player instructions for end users will be developed – as results of the research phase – to implement two prototype health app by Arthaus, using the advanced procedural game content generation techniques and locative storytelling integrated with the gamification framework.

  • Game design toolkit with a game design framework to facilitate eHealth game development: The game design toolkit will include recommendations of gameplay scenarios and user interactions corresponding with the generic ‘target’ behaviors and ensuring that key game design elements incorporate reliable and frequently used BCTs. The design guidance will give instructions on how to use the list of design elements to achieve intended BCTs for example Scheduled Consequences, Reward and threat (like material rewards and social reward), repetition and substitution (eg. habit reversal and habit formation etc.).
  • Gamification guidance for health participations: This toolkit will be a guidance of gameplay scenarios with game functions using BCTs, the reliability of gameplay that describe a user situation and user interactions, and different scenarios representing gamified ecosystem concepts including social interaction and personalized information feedback aspects. This toolkit will inform health professionals about a wide range of implementations of gamifications and implications, so that they can make an informed choice and build up knowledge base of using gamifications in their practice.
  • Prototype of a gamified physical activity engagement mobile game: The gamification framework will be tested by patient focus groups via the eHealth app. A procedural content generation technique will be used for use generated game content on social networks. The game will be focused on using connected digital features such as pulse oximetry and geolocation on smartphone to track the user’s activity, and how the user input will influence the locative interactive narratives being generated.
  • Integration of social gaming and community building: The user data will be integrated into the procedural game content generation using social gaming for efficient and regular use.

The journey of this great project is going to start now. Be ready to GAMIware with ITware. The future is bright!

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