2008• First M2M pilot project
2009• Collaboration model
2010• Small M2M specific pilot projects
2011• Exhibition – EU Gateway Programme, Shinjuku, Tokyo
2012• Kojimori SE5302 development
2013• Exhibition with KOJIMORI and Japanese partner on CommunicAsia and EnterpriseIT Conference in Singapore
• Mobile (Android) tablet app: Smart app demor for Shiiake (Kinboshi and Kamikatsu) production and flow engine
• Mobile (Android) tablet app: Sake workflow management (Kyowa)
• Android (Android) tablet app: smart phone demo – e-health application (myAIDE)
• iOS tablet eBook reader app with Japanese pagination engine (very unique at that time on the market)
2014• Exhibition with Japanese partner and ITware’s mobile solutions on MWC (Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona) 2014
• Mobile (Android) tablet app to support M2M Solutions connected to KOJIMORI (Moromikun)
• Mobile (iOS): video processing mobile app (Wedding app)
• 1 year management training program in Waseda University
Exhibition – ITWeek Spring, Tokyo
2015• Strategic Partnership Agreement with FB Triangle
• APPaware demos for Japanese market (AR App, Sake Museum, Ski Resort App, Bonsai App)
• Vital Radar Sensor research project with Japanese Manufacturer
• Human Resource Training Program (HRTP) of EU
• KOJIMORI SE5901 – M2M/IoT solution with HW concept planning as well
• Representative office in Shinagawa, Tokyo
• Conference at Tokyo Politechnic University (PTU)
• Exhibition – ITWeek Spring and ITWeek Autumn, Makuhari Messe
2016• Exhibition on ITWeek Spring in Tokyo
• FLEETware localization project for Japanese market
• IceHockey Action Recorder Android Tablet Application (Bears Playback)
2017• Sunbears Cloud Service with AWS backend
• FXWare: Tematic App Generator: Effect maker for iOS Application
• KOJIMORI: USB HUB, RFlink Sensors, 3G Development
• Realtime IceHockey Action Recorder Application
• Interactive Stone Catalog Application for iOS and Android
2018• 10 years presence on Japanese Market!
• New strategic partnership with a well-known Japanese Software Developer Company
• Sunbears Cloud Campus with Firebase and backedless solution
• Traceability WebApp with blockchain technology
• Transpiler project for a Japanese Software Developer company
• Cordova Plugin for Panasonic’s LinkRay technology
• Multiplatform framework development for a Japanese Software Developer company
• Cybersecurity development project for a Japanese Software Developer company
2019• 2 days long ICT Seminar organized by ITware in Tokyo with tech and business partners
• Wedding app (iOS) based on FXWare Technology
• Sunbears Cloud Campus (Multisport extension)
• 3G/4G and WiFi compatibility update on KOJIMORI SE5901 for Global Market
• Frontend development for a Japanese Television (NHK)
• BiC Doda development (recruit portal development in Japanese language)
• Monaca support and development
• “Digital Innovation” CEE Entrepreneurs Delegation to Japan organized by JETRO
2020• Multisport Sunbears Cloud Campus Phase 4 Development
• EAP for Tokyo 2020
• Monaca dev and support team