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Kojimori is an innovative, cloud-based automated data acquisition (DAQ) system. Its main service is to store and display the data collected by the different types and located measurement instruments and sensors. The system developed by ITware provides a reliable solution to various areas – including the agriculture, food industry, tourism – where the environmental factors, like temperature, humidity, oxygen content, etc., affect the activities. The system collects and systematises the measured values collected by the various sensors and makes the data available in a desired format to each customers and users. It provides all these with a very cost-effective and highly reliable way since Kojimori meets the highest standards and requirements of these industries. Kojimori is a solution that combines the respectable expertise of ITware with the Japanese precision and process approach.

With a variety of sensors you can measure temperature, light, volume, oxygen, CO, CO2 among others. The range of possibilities is almost endless. Kojimori is flexible and customizable according to the all-time requirements. Thanks to the mature design its user interface and display interface is ergonomic, clear-out and clear-cut as well.


Kojimori is already used in Japan at more than 200 places with a great satisfaction. With a wide range of compatible sensors it provides a solution for agriculture and research institutes, analysing the temperature and humidity of greenhouses, measuring and monitoring a variety of food processes (for example sake cooking) and the temperature of pools in spas and the system is also used in hotels and Ski Centres as well.

There are mobile application developments related to Kojimori based on APPaware technology. The solution called Kamikatsu was made for one of the biggest mushroom grower and it simulates the life cycle of the medicinal shiitake mushroom following the classic Japanese cultural model. The Kyowa application monitors sake cooking, simulates and controls the temperature levels of each cycle. Both applications were made for tablets and you can set alarms and alarm levels in case a parameter differs from a specified value.

In addition to the aforementioned areas Kojimori is used by Japanese researchers as well. In a study of Kagoshima University they are raising a variety of tomato species with high sugar content by hydroponics or soil-free cultivation with special nutrients based on the data of Kojimori. They can follow the cultivation’s process, the growing of plants in real-time on the website of the research.

High availability

Kojimori is able to restore network connection to its remote processing server after a temporary internet connection loss. Meanwhile data will be continuously read and it will be sent after the connection has been restored. Even without internet connection, the latest readings are always available on the LAN web page.

Modes of operation

  • Monitoring mode: data is read and forwarded in time intervals you can specify on the web page. You can select intervals from 1 min up to 3 hours.
  • Trigger-driven mode: data is only read when an external trigger signal arrives. You can use this feature to synchronise data reading with a barcode reader or a conveyor system.
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RTR-50 wireless sensor network

T&D‘s RTR-50 wireless sensor network with Kojimori can be placed anywhere as long as they are reachable from the base station or any of the wireless router units. Thus the locations of the sensors can be chosen flexibly without worrying about cabling. It can be extended or reshaped later by introducing new sensors or removing others. Once configured, the wireless sensor network behaves like any other sensor type in Kojimori and you can use all the advantages of it to access your critical data immediately.

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