Our Success in a Test Automation project with 100% Customer Satisfaction again

Test Automation, one of the major battlefields for the Industry 4.0, is unarguably deemed to be the prevailing technology that most of the companies set foot on. Apart from its efficiency and effectiveness in the entire QA process as the major benefit, it also represents an advanced digital transformation in the managerial field. As ascertained expressly in the report by Cisco, 2 major reasons for automation in the digital transformation: flexible scalability and volatile business demands. In spite of all changes might occur, one and the only stark truth is:

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The customer experience is the king.

Customer experience, customer centricity, customer success and all the other short terms as the buzz words emphasizing customer obsession are, inextricably, one of the make-or-break criteria for any companies running the business, especially the service industry. There are myriads of nuts and bolts in this topic, however, in one recently closed case of ITware, we figure out our own recipe for the 100% customer satisfaction: Customer Focus + Transparent Communication + Team Persistence.

The new customer was looking for a new long-term partnership with the first hurdle to tackle their meteoric testing requirements affected by the large amounts of the new departments. Fortunately, we were in full possession of both the desired knowledge and experiences of remote teamwork even beyond our borders.

And how did we roll all the way up to the successful customer satisfaction?

  • The common understanding and always focus on high-level objectives by every member of the project (Successful kickoff, clear goal definitions together)
  • The agility to change directions according to the priority of different features
  • The transparency with our customer by onboarding them to know what we did and how we did it (Reviews, usage of customer’s Jira on daily basis)
  • The constant and close synergies with our dedicated experts at the partner company (video chats, dedicated skype channel, daily meetings, etc.)
20160806- DSC8017

The team consists of experts working remotely was, surprisingly, in the end, moving towards the finish line by itself. It definitely attributes to the first principle of one team all in for our customer success and leads us to build up a self-organizing team following the completion of the project with 100% customer satisfaction. With all our efforts and hard works, we receive the remark, we are really satisfied with both the result and the processes how we worked together, on the informal delivery meeting shared by the project leader from the partner company.

As a result of the trust, we are now working together on several projects and we are gaining plenty of new experiences together. After this initial touch with great success, this partner company is still one of our most important clients with which every one of our colleagues loves to work with whether they are experts or dedicate on the project management level.

In ITware, we continuously deliver our promise to provide different complex IT solutions to our clients for the customer success with our native IT engineers. We are also capable of SaaS, DAQ system, custom billing systems and other IT stacks solutions with a series of success stories of our custom software development.

Should you have any further requests, please feel free to send us a request.





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