50 lecturers, 110 lectures, 5500 students. These are not just the numbers of the result the nationwide PROGRAM YOUR FUTURE has achieved, but also the impact it has reached. We are proud that ITware is part of the movement.

In the framework of the government project supported by the EU, a few certified professional lecturers from the IT field are scheduled to deliver presentations about IT. The purpose of the program is to promote more and more young students to choose IT as their future by equipping them with the fresh knowledge and minds towards the IT world. With being mentioned in our previous news, Information and Communication Technology (in short, ICT as follows) is expected to suffer from Talent Shortage as a major troublesome issue for the companies and the governments in the near future. PROGRAM YOUR FUTURE is the long-term answer to the troubles with the joint efforts of both the ICT entrepreneurs and the government.  Hopefully, more students will opt into the IT subject and be the backbone of the future ICT area in Hungary.

Speaking of ITware’s participation, our CEO Dankó Sándor delivered his presentation in 3 different schools in January: Bethlen Gábor Általános Iskola és Gimnázium, Szolnoki Széchenyi István Gimnázium and Bercsényi Miklós Katolikus Gimnázium.

DS Programozd előadás

(Our CEO Dankó Sándor delivered his presentation.)

In the second phase of our program, a dozen of high school students also visited us in the office for some further workshops shared by our colleagues. For us @ITware, it was a surprising fact that the academic curriculum in the nowadays high school contains very little information about IT in general. As a result, students are getting fewer interactions with the digital world in the classrooms. To raise their interest,  we welcomed them at our office and started with the engaging game of Code Combat. Then, as they showed the curiosity, we encouraged them to practice on Blocky. Most of them showed high enthusiasm in the topic. Lastly, we showed them the simple coding behind all the seemingly complicated applications, shared with them the stories of us growing up from the green-hand juniors and challenged them with several logical tests. The daily visit was ended in excitement from not only the students but also us.


(The students during the presentation)

“The authenticity and hard-work are two simple but fundamental elements for the success of this program”, quoted in the Letter of Appreciation from the Ministry of National Development to us, is also what drives us to dedicatedly participate in this program. We would like to showcase all the hidden values of IT area to the young generation here in Hungary so that they will consider IT as their future choice no matter in the studies or the careers.

Should you have any further requests, please feel free to drop us an email.

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