Magyar English 日本語

We are proud of the successful Japanese developments over the past 11 years.

Let us talk about joint cooperation instead.




Year Milestone/Project/Activity
  • First M2M pilot project
  • Colaboration modell
  • Small M2M specific pilot projects
  • Exhibition - EU Gateway Programme, Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Kojimori SE5302 development
  • Exhibition with KOJIMORI and Japanese partner on CommunicAsia and EnterpriseIT Conference in Singapore
  • Mobile (Android) tablet app: Smart app demor for Shiiake (Kinboshi and Kamikatsu) production and flow engine
  • Mobile (Android) tablet app: Sake workflow management (Kyowa)
  • Android (Android) tablet app: smart phone demo - e-health application (myAIDE)
  • iOS tablet eBook reader app with Japanese pagination engine (very unique at that time on the market)
  • Exhibition with Japanese partner and ITware's mobile solutions on MWC (Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona) 2014
  • Mobile (Android) tablet app to support M2M Solutions connected to KOJIMORI (Moromikun)
  • Mobile (iOS): video processing mobile app (Wedding app)
  • 1 year management training program in Waseda University
  • Exhibition - ITWeek Spring, Tokyo
  • Strategic Partnership Agreement with FB Triangle
  • APPaware demos for Japanese market (AR App, Sake Museum, Ski Resort App, Bonsai App)
  • Vital Radar Sensor research project with Japanese Manufacturer
  • Human Resource Training Program (HRTP) of EU
  • KOJIMORI SE5901 - M2M/IoT solution with HW concept planning as well
  • Representative office in Shinagawa, Tokyo
  • Conference at Tokyo Politechnic University (PTU)
  • Exhibition - ITWeek Spring and ITWeek Autumn, Makuhari Messe
  • Exhibition on ITWeek Spring in Tokyo
  • FLEETware localization project for Japanese market
  • IceHockey Action Recorder Android Tablet Application (Bears Playback)
  • Sunbears Cloud Service with AWS backend
  • FXWare: Tematic App Generator: Effect maker for iOS Application
  • KOJIMORI: USB HUB, RFlink Sensors, 3G Development
  • Realtime IceHockey Action Recorder Application
  • Interactive Stone Catalog Application for iOS and Android
  • 10 years presence on Japanese Market!
  • New strategic partnership with a well-known Japanese Software Developer Company
  • Sunbears Cloud Campus with Firebase and backedless solution
  • Traceability WebApp with blockchain technology
  • Transpiler project for a Japanese Software Developer company
  • Cordova Plugin for Panasonic’s LinkRay technology
  • Multiplatform framework development for a Japanese Software Developer company
  • Cybersecurity development project for a Japanese Software Developer company
  • 2 days long ICT Seminar organized by ITware in Tokyo
  • Wedding app (iOS) based on FXWare Technology
  • Sunbears Cloud Campus (Multisport extension)
  • 3G/4G and WiFi compatibility update on KOJIMORI SE5901 for Global Market
  • Complex frontend development for a Japanese Television