Smart Home Project

ITware’s team supported the preliminary testing of the planned new service of Magyar Telekom, the development of the application and the simulation of its load-ability. The “Smart Home” solution allows remote control of various electric devices in the household. For example temperature setting, moving shutters, controlling multimedia devices, alarm system management etc. Our proposal included a solution for the load-back testing of the Smart Home system’s back-end server, which is given to the customer developed and tested in DEV and ITST environments.

The key to this solution is to add dummy gateways to the Smart Home system with related customer data. The configured test client simulates a variety of client activities with an increasing number of simulated clients. During the test, response times (and the number of lost / unanswered messages) are logged, from which it can be determined how many clients can use the back-end safely, and what client number is unreliable.

Tech Stack: JmeterJ Tsung, Erlang, Thor (WebSocket), Node.js, SoapUI, Java, WireShark

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