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Agile testing

Realize the full potential of testautomatization

We committed supporter of high-level software development and testing for more than a decade. Automated testing is one of the most modern and efficient tools for effective software testing and testing quality assurance.
Industry trends and our international presence have also encouraged us to follow this trend in testing.

Learn how to start, which tests to automate, how to choose the perfect tools!

Automation framework consists of the integration of tools, libraries, and utilities needed to interact with
the system under test. It should be a neutral entity that gathers information about the application by way of the
system's UI, web services, business logic, databases, and so on.
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    Test framework

    It accelerates time to market and eliminates the cost and complexity of test automation.

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    Testing process

    Designed to streamline testing at each stage of the testing process.

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    Benefits of use

    Reduce your end-to-end business process, web app, functional and regression testing time and costs.

What is the purpose, when and why should you use automated testing?

    • Effectively tested in overlapping phases of development
    • The extra money invested in automation pays off in saving time and ensuring the quality of each relay
    • Websites and mobile applications can be tested
    • Outstanding payback and security for regression testing of live expenses
    • Short test times without human intervention, in unlimited quantities and frequency, 24 hours a day, anytime
    • More complex, more thorough tests than manual tests
    • The method also meets the requirements of quality assurance (QA)
    • More accurate test reports, statistics.
    • Rapid changes in quality assurance.

Our Test framework

Well documented
Able to testing UI and API
Multilanguage support
Built on open source elements

Whole process of automation

The test automation solution provided by ITware is an integrated solution that implements functional and surface testing, which also includes UI and API implementation.
Test Automation Solution

Advantages of our solution

  • We provide customized, open source automated solutions
  • Short implementation time – “Out of box” solutions and processes
  • Multiplatform, multiscreen tests
  • Alignment to ALM platform (eg intelligent ticket generation – Jira, SpiraTeam, etc.)
  • Reusable and upgradeable test cases
  • Integration into CI and CD processes

ITware’ Licensable Test Framework:

  • An open source toolkit that supports cloud-based testing and joint automated testing of Multi Screen & Platform (desktop / mobile / web interfaces)
  • We can also provide test automation training and support
  • We offer testing services on both T&M and project basis
  • In case of framework licensing, its use is trained, further developed and customized as required
Test automation with ITware

UI Solution

Manual test cases written in Gherkin language
UI testing is defined as the process of testing the system’s Graphical User Interface of the Application Under Test. UI testing involves checking the screens with the controls like menus, buttons, icons, and all types of bars – toolbar, menu bar, dialog boxes and windows, etc.
UI is what the user sees. A user does not see the source code. The interface is visible to the user. Especially the focus is on the design structure, images that they are working properly or not.

API Solution

API solutions
API tests are very different from UI Tests and won’t concentrate on the look and feel of an application. It mainly concentrates on the business logic layer of the software architecture.
The purpose of API Testing is to check the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the programming interfaces
Soap api testing solution at itware
Rest api testing solution at itware

Supported platforms

  • For web interfaces using Selenium automated test application
  • For telephone (Android, iOs) interfaces using Appium
  • API testing for the back-end (middleware) layer, directly testing the business logic by implementing SOAPUI / REST ASSURED / JMeter or custom solutions as needed.
The big benefits of API testing are speed, independence from the display interface, and the ability to test business processes directly.
In case of framework licensing, its use is trained, further developed and customized as required.

We offer a system that

  • widely applicable (API, UI)
  • easy and quick to implement
  • can be learned quickly
  • well understood by the business (gherkin language)
  • can be scheduled for development and release processes (CI / CD)
  • automated testing,
  • Reporting
and can be reused in part or in full for any project later.
The integration of the individual elements during integration well thought out and proven concept in many projects.

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