@The top of the Hungarian IT profession | ITware Developer wins 1st Prize at the National IT Survey in Hungary

After competing with other 2300 IT professionals in 19 different categories for 10 rounds and be ranked in the top for 5 challenges, Ármin Zentai (Minó), Senior Developer from ITware is the absolute winner of the 1st National IT Survey organized by IThon.info.


This online competition was held in the pursuit of showcasing the profession and creativity of the Hungarian IT professionals and the diversity of the profession.

The whole event lasted for nearly 3 months with 10 rounds of questions. Minó as the winner has been shown excellence in the following 5 categories dominating the top positions:

  • JavaScript Programming
  • Linux Operation
  • Website Creation
  • Security Coding
  • C++ Programming

When asked the reasons for his participation, Minó mentioned it was mainly about testing the knowledge limits in certain topics in a short time duration. Through this competition, he not only showed his fast-learning capacity, but also the curiosity of a life-long learning attitude. In addition to the category awards, Minó also received a travel package of attending the 2018 CEBIT Innovation Festival in Hannover offered by the organizer.

We asked him if he could suggest some tips for the juniors. His answer was simple and straightforward: Do your work with all your passion, and never stop learning on your way.

We @ITware would like to extend our sincere congratulation to him for his outstanding performance in the competition and also our appreciation for his being the best paradigm that ITware is capable of delivering top solutions to our partners.

You can meet Minó at the HOUG 2018 for his session on April 9th (Next Monday). Please check more information about the event here.


Should you have any further requests, please feel free to contact us.


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