We are INvolved! Working on ICT Talent Shortage together with IVSZ

According to the report shared by ManpowerGroup back in 2016, IT Staff ranks the 2nd in terms of the hardest skills to find. What’s worse, among all the countries being surveyed, Hungary is one of the worst countries where employers are having the most difficulty filling roles with a share of 57%. Information and Communications Technology (in short, ICT as follows) Talent Shortage has always been regarded as a troublesome issue for the companies and the governments.


Generally speaking, in Europe, a series of policies have been discussed and conducted without relatively satisfying outcomes. Natascha from McKinsey pointed out in her study that two main focuses should be drawn due attention: Talent Strategy and Governments Facilitating Success to tackle the talent issue in today’s ICT area.

We at ITware are not only delivering high-quality and complex IT solutions to fulfil the customer needs but also taking the corporate social responsibility seriously. We started our 2018 with the first help-out program targeting the ICT education in the coordination of IVSZ. Our CEO Dankó Sándor delivered the first presentation in the high school of Bethlen Gábor Általános Iskola és Gimnázium back on January 12th. Two more days have been scheduled: On January 29th, he will deliver the speech at Szolnoki Széchenyi István Gimnázium and another one at Bercsényi Miklós Katolikus Gimnázium one day later.

The reason for ITware’s participation in the program is purely about the empowerment of the young Hungarian generation to acquire ICT knowledge and awareness from the start of their education. This is also believed as one of the most important long-term top-down methods to alleviate the unpleasant ICT talent shortage trouble in the official OECD report of enhancing skills to boost the growth in Hungary.

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