Deliver Reliable & Quality Solutions

You have the idea and we have just the right resources with rich industry experience that your software development project needs. We help identify business priorities that the organization wants to focus on, and use technology to solve traditional problems.
We provide professionals and modern technologies for the digitization of corporate processes, with the help of which they can exploit the business potential of digitization.

Software Development

ITware approaches custom web application development as a collaboration that focuses on outcomes for your company and end-consumers alike. Some projects start with a client’s vision for technology that does not yet exist. Others involve modernizing and enhancing existing software. Our developers are proficient in the coding standards, tools, automations, and processes that serve your project best.

Tech stack: Angular, AgularJS, Vue, NUXT, JS, React, HTML, CSS, Java, Node.JS, Laravel, PHP, AWS, GCP, Azure, C/C++, Centura

Quality Assurance

QA testing for software is centered on delivering the best possible outcome to the customer. In a QA context, software defect is not just a bug, but can be any problem that impacts the end-user experience from poor navigation to slow load times or unclear web copy. The only way to minimize the risk of defects is including software and quality assurance testing throughout the entire development process. Our rigorous software testing practices are performed for multiple parameters like functionality, behavioural, performance, scalability, compatibility, etc.

Tech stack: TestLink, Selenium, Appium, Git, Cucumber, Webdriver, Docker, Jenkins, Java, Python, Javascript, Redmine, JIRA, TestRail, JMeter, SoapUI, LambdaTest

Manual testing

During manual testing, the test team tries to detect these software bugs, but the bugs often disappear and reappear later. In every phase, detect the errors and track them to ensure they are resolved before the final product delivery.


With automation testing becomes an easy task that can be completed faster. In the event of any change to the code base, pre-written test cases run automatically.

AI/ML Development

It is more than just a buzzword for us! We deliver intelligent software solutions with focus on creating business value. We help you in taking proactive business decisions and offer several advantages. We can support you at any stage of your project:
  • Discovery
  • Data Collection & Preparing
  • Modeling
  • Proof of Concept
  • Development
  • Evaluate&Improve

Tech stack: Scikit Learn, TensorFlow, Keras, RASA, Python, R, Java, NLTK, OpenCV, Gensim, SpaCy, Hadoop, Scoop, Flume, Spark, Hive, Rapidminer, Google AI, Microsoft AI, Azure AI, AWS


We can became your partner! Our T&M experts or our entire team can help you with even the most complex tasks. Our colleagues are innovation-oriented creative developers, not just coders! We help your company build a dedicated development team in various technology areas. We work as part of your existing team in a dynamic and integrated way. Based on your specific requirements, we can offer you the mix of expertise that you need and work with your own processes in order to enhance your workflow.

On-site dedicated team

We can also provide an on-site team for the development phases on request. On-site presence can be temporary, frequent, or full-time, tailored to development tasks.

Off-site dedicated team

Choose developers from us and create your own team of experts. In an agile system, our remotely accessible expert colleagues complement your existing IT resources.