ITware participated in the development of an online publishing framework for Xpertsys Ltd.’s partner and customer. In the course of the project, we created a separate Converter module, Content Manager module and Visualisation module based on the customer’s requirements.
We’ve created a single browser-based solution for each platform, saving time for the development of mobile versions. The main focus of the client was the customised solution and flexible adaptation to the technologies they use, as well as providing the most convenient services and the user experience area for customers.






Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Java EJB 3.2 , JPA, Hibernate, JAX-RS, Maven, Arquillian, JWT(JJWT), Wildfly, Apache commons, Pdfbox, Angularis 1.5, NPM, Bower, Bootstrap, Ui router, Ui grid, Videogular, SASS)


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